Deep Heeling Barefoot Bodywork
Finding the Muscles Others Miss

About Me

headshotHi, I'm Cath (aka The Knot Finder), the owner and sole provider of Deep Heeling Barefoot Bodywork. What really inspires me about ashiatsu deep tissue massage is how profoundly it improves people's lives. I only offer barefoot bodywork because in my experience it's the most effective way to access deeper muscles and connective tissues. I cater to clients who want more than relaxation from their massage sessions; they want less pain and more freedom of movement in their daily activities. I've helped countless individuals feel better and live better.

I graduated from Cottonwood School of Massage in 1999. What keeps me engaged after all this time is building relationships with my clients as we work together to relieve tension and reduce (or eliminate) pain. This requires understanding your needs, dedication to your goals and delivering results.

I'm a Colorado native who loves the mountains, yoga, gardening, and learning. I've been married since 2004 to Steve, a bass player and teacher who supports my entrepreneurial adventures with honesty and patience. I'm a creative person who thrives on new challenges to stimulate my personal growth. I'm committed to peace, considerate of Mother Earth, and I believe living your best life starts with feeling your best. Click here to book now!

"With Cath, I have finally found the treatment that can go deeper than any massage I have had, but actually hurt less than most of them. Cath standing on my back can go way deeper into my muscles than a pointy elbow, but it doesn't feel like she is breaking my bones! I have been seeing her for several months now, twice a month.  I can't imagine a massage that is more effective or that feels better." (Read more) -Melinda; Denver, CO