Deep Heeling Barefoot Bodywork
Finding the Muscles Others Miss




Is pain or movement restriction interfering with your lifeI've been there. It can be really frustrating and exhausting, especially when you've tried various approaches and therapies to get relief but haven't gotten the results you were looking for. If you're tired of treatments that don't do enough (or have given up on them completely), there's another option.

Specializing in ashiatsu barefoot deep tissue massage, Deep Heeling Barefoot Bodywork is dedicated to providing effective, individualized treatment by stimulating your body's natural healing process in the muscles that traditional hands-on massage can't reach. This unique approach provides relief from:

  • Neck and shoulder tension and pain
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Arm/hand tingling, numbness and/or weakness (Carpal Tunnel/Thoracic Outlet)
  • Back pain (upper, middle and/or lower)
  • Hip pain/sciatica

With less pain and more mobility, you can:

  • Feel better
  • Be more active
  • Sleep better
  • Work longer
  • Reduce pain medication

Deep Heeling is for you if:

  • You enjoy deep tissue massage and its benefits.
  • You’re comfortable with the idea of soft, clean feet compressing and kneading your muscles.
  • You understand that some pain during treatment may be necessary to achieve results.
  • You're willing to make a commitment to yourself and participate in your own recovery.
  • You want the same provider every visit because they know your body and how your treatment is progressing.

"Cath has provided outstanding care over the time I've seen her. She tailors treatment to my specific needs which is critical for true therapeutic care...She listens to her patients as well as making constructive suggestions for treatment." (Read more- Rob; Highlands Ranch, CO